South Coast Tour


May 29th - June 3rd and September 18th - 23rd, 2024

5 Nights

8 person + guide group size

Breakfast, lunch (either seated or packed) and dinner are included. Emphasis on high quality local dishes.

$3750 USD per person

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Tour Overview

Dive into the enchanting beauty of Iceland’s south coast, a treasure trove of geological wonders on this South Coast Tour. Picture this: lush green farmlands juxtaposed with mystical moss-covered lava fields, all set against the backdrop of majestic, sweeping glaciers. And stretching as far as the eye can see? The vast expanse of Iceland’s most iconic black sand beach.

While the south coast remains a tranquil escape with sparse habitation, its landscapes are grandiose – defined by imposing glaciers and intricate river systems. But here’s the real allure for photography and drone enthusiasts: it’s a canvas of nature’s finest work. Discover intricate patterns, rich textures, vibrant colors, and the unpredictable yet awe-inspiring Icelandic weather. Every snapshot you capture will tell a story, and every moment will leave even the most experienced photographer in sheer wonder.

Join us, and let the south coast of Iceland redefine your photography journey. Secure your spot now and capture memories that’ll last a lifetime!


Day 1: Waterfalls, countryside and black sand coast

Embarking from the vibrant cityscape of Reykjavík, our journey will soon transition into Iceland’s verdant agricultural heartlands. Here, the landscape tells tales of generations of farmers and the fertile lands that have sustained them.

As we continue, nature’s awe-inspiring spectacle awaits: a waterfall, not just to be admired from afar, but one that invites us to venture behind its cascading waters. Feel the mist on your face, listen to the thunderous roar, and marvel at the sheer force of nature.

Our path then takes us beneath the shadow of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano, which etched its mark in history in April 2010 with a significant eruption. Memories of that event and the local resilience in its aftermath can still be felt in the surrounding area.

Further on, Dyrhólaey, or the ‘door hill island’, beckons. This promontory is not only a geological wonder but also offers a front-row seat to the expansive black sand coastlines that hug the southern edges of Iceland. As the waves crash onto the dark shores and cliffs rise in the distance, one can’t help but anticipate the myriad of experiences that await on this captivating journey.

south coast tour

Day 2: South coast and Eldhraun

Our upcoming exploration takes us deep into the heart of Iceland’s diverse landscapes and rich history. The journey begins in the quaint village of Vík in Mýrdal, a settlement that encapsulates Iceland’s coastal charm. Here, a local museum stands as a testament to the stories of the mighty Katla volcano, hidden beneath the vast Mýrdalsjökull glacier. As you delve into the tales, you’ll also uncover narratives of shipwrecks, reminders of nature’s unpredictable power, that dot the nearby sandy shores.

Further along, the Eldhraun lava field awaits, a vast expanse bearing the scars of a 1783 eruption from the Laki craters. As you tread upon this rugged terrain, it’s fascinating to think of the molten lava that once flowed here, solidifying into the shapes you see today. The horizon may also offer distant hints of the formidable Mt. Öræfajökull volcano, Iceland’s towering peak, which promises a closer acquaintance on the following day.

But nature’s grandeur isn’t finished revealing itself just yet. Prepare for a mesmerizing encounter with Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon. This geological masterpiece, carved over millennia by a persistent glacier river, showcases the intricate patterns of palagonite stone, soft and malleable, in stark contrast to the harsh forces that shaped it. The anticipation of witnessing such natural wonders is sure to make the heart race a bit faster.

south coast tour

Day 3: Vatnajökull National Park – glaciers and sea cliffs

Today’s journey is bound for an unparalleled natural wonder, Europe’s most expansive glacier, Vatnajökull. This icy marvel, with its awe-inspiring expanse, has carved the landscape around it for millennia. As we traverse the immense sandy stretches sculpted by potent glacial rivers, the magnitude of nature’s power becomes evident. Upon reaching the Vatnajökull National Park’s boundaries, we embark on a gentle trek. This hike unveils the intricacies of the park, from its glacier tongues, which seem to tell tales of ages past, to panoramic vistas that capture the imagination.

As the day continues and we share stories over dinner, anticipation mounts for our next destination: Cap Ingólfshöfði. This magnificent cape, jutting decisively into the ocean, is a realm of stark contrasts. Towering sea cliffs stand sentinel, bearing witness to the ebbs and flows of time, while a kaleidoscope of bird species, each with its own unique rhythm and song, finds sanctuary here.

south coast tour

Day 4: Vatnajökull National Park – glacier lagoons

Setting foot on the icy terrains of Iceland, today’s journey leads us to explore the mesmerizing glacier lagoons. As we meander around these icy expanses, we’ll embark on a boat journey, allowing us to observe the multifaceted designs of the drifting icebergs, each uniquely sculpted by nature itself.

Our exploration doesn’t end on the lagoon’s frigid waters. We’ll delve into the riveting tales of Sudursveit, the South farming community. Until 1974, Sudursveit stood as Iceland’s most secluded farming enclave, surrounded and separated by powerful glacial rivers both to its west and east. Such isolation has crafted not just a resilient community, but also a landscape untouched and frozen in time.

From the stretches of barren landscapes to the occasional sight of an isolated farmhouse, every view tells a story. Through our journey, we’re not just passing through locations, but traveling back in time, capturing moments that evoke a profound sense of wonder.

south coast tour

Day 5: Vatnajökull National Park – The world of the glacier and Höfn fishing village

Our penultimate day takes us to the mountainous terrains leading to the imposing Vatnajökull glacier, Europe’s largest. As we ascend, the altitude rises, and soon we find ourselves standing at an impressive 840 meters (or approximately 2500 feet) above sea level. Here, atop the vast expanse, we get a firsthand encounter with the colossal glacier, its icy facade stretching far and wide, offering panoramic views that are nothing short of breathtaking.

But the adventure doesn’t end here. We then divert our path towards Hoffelsjökul, an intriguing glacier tongue that extends into a serene lagoon. This trip promises an immersive experience of the glacier’s raw and untamed beauty, where nature showcases its artistry in the form of intricate ice patterns and crystal-clear waters.

As the day’s excitement winds down, we head to our resting spot: Höfn. More than just a place to rest, Höfn is a gem in its own right. This small yet bustling fishing village, nestled by the sea, serves as our final destination. Though it retains the charm of an age-old fishing community, Höfn also stands as a testament to modern progress, marrying tradition with contemporary life. Here, amidst the gentle hum of the harbor and the distant lull of waves, we prepare for an evening of relaxation and a night of restful sleep, reflecting on the marvels the day has brought.

south coast tour

Day 6: Flight back to Reykjavík

Following a hearty breakfast, our next chapter unfolds as we embark on an exploration of the nearby peninsula. This coastal stretch promises unique landscapes and hints of the region’s geological history. As the morning turns to afternoon, we indulge in a delightful local lunch in Höfn, capturing the essence of Icelandic culinary traditions.

Then, in a fitting crescendo to our journey, we take to the skies, departing from Höfn and heading towards Reykjavík. From the window of our plane, we’re treated to a bird’s-eye panorama of the landscapes we’ve traversed, each vista holding a story, a memory. The flight, while brief at under an hour, offers a unique perspective of Iceland’s diverse topography.

Upon touching down at Reykjavík’s domestic airport, we make our way to our accommodation in the capital city. Reykjavík, with its harmonious blend of historical charm and modern dynamism, welcomes us back.

As the day culminates, our group congregates for a special evening dinner. Here, amidst laughter, shared tales, and perhaps a hint of nostalgia, we celebrate the adventures we’ve had and the memories we’ve forged together.

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