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Is Strandsel a licensed tour operator?Strandsel is licensed as a tour operator by the State of California Seller of Travel Reg. # 2113210 and is fully insured for third party claims for injury, damage, death and loss. Full details of our insurance coverage and a copy of our license are available upon request.
Can Strandsel arrange my travel to and/or from Iceland?

We do not include travel to Iceland as standard in the cost of tours. As a tour operator in California I am not licensed to sell airfare, I can only suggest airport departure points from USA to Iceland and possible airlines that fly
directly to Iceland from various cities in USA. Iceland’s international airport is called Keflavik Airport (KEF) and is located about 45 minutes away from the capital, Reykjavik. Direct flights to and from most European countries and many key locations in the USA are available year round.

What level are the tours? Do I need to be an expert photographer?

All of our tours are suitable for photographers of all levels, however less experienced photographers may prefer to start with a shorter tour. Please call us if you would like further advice.

Are tour dates flexible?

Our tour dates are fixed however we do arrange tailor made tours on alternate dates for groups of 2 or more persons. Please contact us for more information. 

What accommodation options are available?

We will stay in hotel accommodation for the entirety of our tours. The standard of hotels is either 3 or 4 star unless otherwise specified. 

Can we share rooms?In addition to twin rooms provided in our standard pricing, single and double rooms are available as options. Please check with us for pricing details.
Are tours suitable for people with disabilities?All of our tours are potentially suitable for persons with limited disabilities. On some days we are likely to want to travel on foot some distance away from our transport over terrain that is rough, so persons with limited mobility may find this more challenging and have to remain close to our vehicle.
Are tours suitable for children?

Children over the age of 16 years are permitted on tours, provided that they are accompanied by a responsible adult. Please note that longer tours may not be suitable for younger children and we reserve the right to curtail bookings for persons whose behavior is disruptive.

Is it possible to arrange a vegetarian, gluten free or special dietary option?

Yes, please let us know in advance if you require a vegetarian, gluten free or special dietary option

What photographic equipment should I bring?

Guests must provide their own photographic equipment including cameras, lenses and tripods. Contact us for our advise as to what equipment is best to bring.

What outdoor equipment should I bring?

Sturdy boots, and both warm and waterproof outdoor clothing including accessories such as hats and gloves, especially for tours during the winter months when temperatures can be well below freezing and winds can be strong. Technical climbing gear such as crampons, ice axes are not required.

A complete suggested itemized list will be sent to all participants 14 days prior to departure.

Is Internet access available during our tour?

Iceland has nationwide 4G coverage and most of the hotels that we will stay at provide Internet access. This is generally free of charge but there may be an additional charge

Will my mobile telephone work in Iceland?

Iceland has excellent mobile phone coverage even in remote areas. In common with the rest of Europe, Iceland uses the GSM standard, so travelers from the USA are advised to check with their provider to ensure that their handset is compatible.

What kind of transport will we be using?

Our transport can vary from a Mercedes Sprinter small bus which has been especially customized for off-road travel in Iceland or a 4×4 jeep. Our vehicle is driven by highly experienced drivers and is equipped with GPS and VHF communications for additional security in remote areas.

What happens if I am taken ill or there is a medical emergency during our tour?

In the case of medical emergency, helicopter medivac can be summoned immediately. Guests are required to provide their own travel and medical insurance, and are fully responsible for their own costs. 


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