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Unveil Iceland’s raw beauty through the lens with Strandsel Photography Tours, your gateway to the enchanting, untouched landscapes of Iceland. Guided by the passionate Icelander and photographer Ásgeir Bollason, you’re not just embarking on a trip; you’re stepping into a story. 

Named after his great-grandfather’s cherished farm in Westfjords, where two generations of his family were nurtured, Strandsel offers not just photography tours but a deeply personal journey into Iceland’s soul. Ásgeir, a graduate of the eminent Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, combines his global travel experiences, from Europe to Jamaica, with a rich insight into Iceland’s heritage, culture, and gastronomy. With him, every shot tells a tale, every meal is a memory.

Our Iceland photography tours are meticulously curated, leading you to the heart of the island’s marvels. From desolate fjords to jet-black volcanic beaches, rugged glaciers, and secret ice-caves, you’ll dive deep into Iceland’s essence, meeting its people and immersing in their traditions, history, and flavours.

Tailoring dreams into reality, Strandsel also offers custom tours moulded to your desires, ensuring an experience that resonates. With our focus on small groups, safety, and genuine encounters, each journey becomes intimate, engaging, and unforgettable.

Experience Iceland. Capture memories. Craft stories. Indulge your senses. All with Strandsel Photography Tours. Your Icelandic odyssey begins here


Meet Ásgeir

Lead guide and founder

standsel iceland tours

Ásgeir’s upbringing in Iceland, specifically in the picturesque
Westfjörds region, instilled in him a deep appreciation for the great
outdoors. Skiing and hiking were among his cherished pastimes during his
formative years. His parents played a pivotal role in fostering his
wanderlust by taking him on exploratory journeys across Iceland and
eventually mainland Europe, igniting his passion for travel,
photography, and history.

By seamlessly blending these passions, Ásgeir established Strandsel
Iceland Tours in 2012. His primary focus revolves around crafting
personalized adventures that engage all the senses of his guests.
Whether it involves savoring freshly caught local Halibut, foraging for
wild berries in remote and seldom-visited valleys, or immersing oneself
in untouched natural landscapes, Ásgeir’s mission is to curate
innovative itineraries that spark excitement in his fellow travelers,
providing them with sensory-driven experiences and forging indelible
memories of their journeys.

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